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So there’s these two guys I know who always talk and when one talks, the other just crosses his arms then stares. In this picture, the one in the red is talking about trucks, which the one in the blue-gray wasn’t paying attention to. The one in red even asked the one in blue what his favorite truck is.

His response was, “yeah, same.”

Update: Guy in red got sad because a girl made fun of his drawing. Guy in the blue asked him this.

that is very cute

This is so absurdly creepy

yeah, seriously, can we stop taking pics of kids without their knowledge and posting them online without their consent????
also this is fetishizing queer relationships and being creepy as fuck so yeah, please stop

hey hey hey i got permission.

this isnt fetishizing anything.

because guess what.


A big ol’ cup of plot twist in here

And I ship it ♡

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Further information I recieved on Hook’s leather jacket that will appear in the new season, from one of the owner’s of Ocean Drive Leather:

"The leather jacket we designed is tight fitting asymmetric and has sleeve and pocket zips. It also has leather ribbing on the elbows and behind the shoulders. Quite sexy! I hear that he is quite popular with the fans."

He also mentioned that they might be designing a new jacket for Emma, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

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